Chief Executive
Transport East

Andrew Summers is chief executive at Transport East, the sub-national transport body for Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Southend and Thurrock, which brings together local transport and planning authorities, business leaders, government and delivery agencies on transport and infrastructure investment. He leads an executive team that oversees the region’s transport strategy, provides advice to government, and supports local authority delivery. Andrew joined Transport East in spring 2020, having previously led Transport for London’s active travel strategy.

Cabinet Member for City Management & Air Quality
Westminster City Council

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg has been cabinet member for city management and air quality at Westminster City Council since May 2022 when Labour took control of the local authority for the first time in its history. Previously, he was an opposition councillor for more than 30 years and is now enjoying the new and unexpected role of being in local government in the autumn of his political life. His book, 'Winning Westminster', tells the story of how Labour won the council elections in 2022.

UK Director
Transport & Environment

Richard joined Transport and Environment (T&E) in September 2022 as UK director. Prior to this appointment he worked for a membership body for UK foundations which included work on a funder commitment on climate change, to encourage foundations in the UK and Europe to focus more on climate change. Richard has also led CBT’s austerity campaign to protect funding for public transport, was a campaign director for T&E’s campaign for better transport and has worked for six years at the UK’s National Trust, including work on Brexit and on future farming policy in the UK.

Professor of Safe Artificial Intelligence
University of Surrey

Saber Fallah is a distinguished Professor specialising in Safe Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomy, with a profound dedication to advancing the field through rigorous research and innovation. His work focusses on integrating safe AI technologies into self-driving cars and robotic systems, striving to ensure these advancements benefit society responsibly and ethically. An esteemed scholar and a passionate educator, he aims to enhance the understanding and implementation of safe AI principles globally. During his talk, Prof. Fallah will discuss:

  • An exploration of the significance of AI in achieving fully autonomous driving, highlighting the related safety concerns and decision-making challenges.
  • Understanding the complex decision-making roles AI must play in autonomous vehicles, particularly ethical dilemmas arising from situations with no clear optimal solutions.
  • A discussion of the limitations of AI in deductive and abductive reasoning, a key aspect of human decision-making, and how its inability to reason like humans in complex situations can hinder its effectiveness in dealing with autonomous vehicles.