Explore the latest innovation within the safe and efficient movement of goods and people in urban environments.

Welcome to the CiTTi Conference

Why attend?

The CiTTi Conference provides an exciting platform to discuss, learn and debate the latest legislation and regulatory policies driving the development and implementation of next-generation urban transport and traffic technologies. This fantastic event will examine how towns and cities are working with government policymakers, transport authorities and solution providers to deploy technology that helps move people, goods and materials through urban environments safely, efficiently and cleanly.

Attendees will learn about solutions enabling truly sustainable and connected public transport networks for businesses and active urban commuters; the latest congestion-reduction and road-charging schemes ensuring smooth traffic flows around key city areas; innovative monitoring systems aiding low- and zero-emission initiatives, and incentives for logistics companies to use greener delivery vehicles.

Welcoming delegates from across sectors, the CiTTi Conference offers an invaluable opportunity for active discussion, peer-to-peer leaning and industry networking to accelerate partnerships and collaboration, support better project delivery, and further debate and working agreements.

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Key Information


10th September 2024


30 Euston Square, London, NW1 2FB

*The conference is totally free to attend for public sector delegates.*