Illumination is on the horizon.

Aurora Insights is the brand new intelligence and consultancy service, with a sector focus on urban logistics, smart transport, supply chain, tolling and road user charging. They offer a subscription-based service that entitles subscribers to exclusive video, audio and written content. With additional monthly reports, solely focused on the latest innovation in the transport and traffic industry, this content is unparalleled!

All of the relevant research about transport and traffic is a culmination of our the 20 year history within the conference and awards space. The Road User Charging Conference Series, CiTTi Awards and Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition presentations, surveys, registration data and feedback have been the driving force behind our content and have helped to achieve this fantastic platform.

The main focus of these reports will be:

- Congestion Tolling

- Public opinion

- Alternative fuels

- Electric vehicles

- Country specific breakdowns

All content will be global, covering regions such as UK, Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

What are the benefits of an Aurora Insights subscription?

- One centralised hub of information

- Networking capabilities with other like-minded individuals

- Access to in-depth case studies and reports

- Opportunity to accentuate your business