Saber Fallah, University of Surrey
Saber Fallah
Professor of Safe Artificial Intelligence
University of Surrey

Saber Fallah is a distinguished Professor specialising in Safe Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomy, with a profound dedication to advancing the field through rigorous research and innovation. His work focusses on integrating safe AI technologies into self-driving cars and robotic systems, striving to ensure these advancements benefit society responsibly and ethically. An esteemed scholar and a passionate educator, he aims to enhance the understanding and implementation of safe AI principles globally. During his talk, Prof. Fallah will discuss:

  • An exploration of the significance of AI in achieving fully autonomous driving, highlighting the related safety concerns and decision-making challenges.
  • Understanding the complex decision-making roles AI must play in autonomous vehicles, particularly ethical dilemmas arising from situations with no clear optimal solutions.
  • A discussion of the limitations of AI in deductive and abductive reasoning, a key aspect of human decision-making, and how its inability to reason like humans in complex situations can hinder its effectiveness in dealing with autonomous vehicles.